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Protecting BESA members and auditors with a move to remote auditing

To combat the COVID-19 crisis, we have been working hard with BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) to move audit processes online to conduct assessments for members remotely. With a very tight timescale, our focus was to deliver a service that was safe, efficient and ease to use whilst maintaining competence and compliance against BESA standards.

With standards made up partly of office-based requirements, it was clear and present to BESA that a move to give members a facility to provide their documentary evidence online prior to assessment was a key aspect of being able to assess remotely.  

The 'Business Management Review Audit' was developed and piloted with BESA members in record time before being rolled out to live assessments in July.  The system ensures members know when they need to provide their evidence, guides them through the process and allows assessors to request additional updates to ensure standards are met.  

Key features

  • Secure access for key stakeholders: scheme managers, certification bodies, assessors, members
  • Automatic process management ensures members are invited to provide evidence when needed and prompted as required to complete the process
  • Clear audit trail for evidence and corrections