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Supporting LEAF Marque to pioneer remote auditing

We provided the technology to allow LEAF Marque to roll out remote auditing to ensure LEAF Marque certified businesses could continue to maintain their assurance status during the COVID-19 crisis. This ensured robust assessments of compliance, which support the credibility of the LEAF Marque System. 

Given an urgent requirement from our longstanding client LEAF Marque, we developed the LEAF Marque data room as a facility for members to upload documentary evidence prior to audit.  This functionality was critical in keeping LEAF Marque members compliant following the suspension of LEAF Marque audits in March. 

Ready for launch at the start of May, we were able to rapidly assemble a system to fully manage the process online.  The LEAF Marque data room has been a success with LEAF Marque staff, certification bodies and members keeping assessments going under difficult circumstances.

Key features:

  • Secure access for key stakeholders: scheme managers, certification bodies, assessors, members
  • Automatic process management ensures members are invited to provide evidence when needed and prompted as required to complete the process
  • Integration with existing LEAF systems and data ensuring a hassle-free process for all users