Success Stories

FarmingNet Supplier Reporting System for Karro Food Group:

FarmingNet is an online information site run and managed by the Karro Food Group, a major internal food processing company.

Karro's suppliers log on to FarmingNet and gain password protected access to view details of the animals they supply.

This helps Karro's suppliers monitor their performance to agreed animal specifications and ultimately maximise their return on investment. 

Key performance information is provided to the suppliers so they understand how well they are delivering against Karro supply contracts. The information is made available within 24 hours of slaughter through a text or email message to alert producers that the lastest FarmingNet reports are now available.

Key information reported includes:

  • Summary statistics
    • consignment size
    • average weight
    • average probe
    • standard deviation of weight and probe to help assess batch uniformity
  • The price deviation p/kg from the maximum possible on the contract.
  • These can be viewed on screen or printed as pdf reports.

The FarmingNet system is based on the CASI system. It provides graphical reporting and secure online management tools to Karro and its suppliers using the full range of CASI services:

  • Data Integration from third-party in-house abattoir IT systems
  • Communication services
  • Membership systems
  • Graphical reporting

In addition to developing the FarmingNet service in consultation with Karro and their abattoir plant staff everysite have been contracted to manage and support the dedicated hardware used to host the system.