How we help food and drinks businesses

Supplier Assurance Tracking Solutions

Through our CASI interface into Red Tractor, LEAF and other assurance schemes we provide a range of compliance trackers and checkers that help food and drink manufacturers and retailers stay up to date with compliance and certification status in the supply chain.

The service is simple to use, affordable, accurate and driven by the UK's largest supply chain database of primary producers.

In addition we help integrate automated assurance checking for the purchasing, quality and safety operations of food and drinks businesses. This ensures the business can maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of its staff by diverting resource from time consuming administrative tasks onto value added tasks within the business.

Supplier Standards Solutions

Large food and drink manufacturing companies often operate technical, product safety and other standards that they expect suppliers to comply with. This can be a time consuming and costly activity given the amount of information that needs to be managed and the compliance checking, audit and assessment activities that have to take place.

Our CASI (Certification, Assessment and Standards Interface) solution provides an integrated set of tools that make implementing a proven, robust and scalable standards management solution straightforward.

The return on investment in CASI begins within days of deployment as information flow is automated and data accuracy are increased. The cost of managing supplier compliance is minimised through a combination of less time spent on paper based compliance activities whilst delivering higher standards from your supply chain.

As CASI is a 100% managed and secure service you never need to worry about huge development costs, IT departments, hardware or backups. We keep the system running for you and let you focus on what's important to your business.