new features for xure supply chain certificate tracking users

The team have been working hard for our customers and 2019 has already seens some great new developments for subscribers to Xure Supply Chain certificate tracking:

Prove you are checking assurance with our new PDF download

Do you need to prove you are monitoring your supply chain for BRC or other audits?  Xure now offers a 'proof-of-certification check' PDF, automatically producing this paperwork for you and saving countless man-hours. We have responded to requests from industry to develop a service like this, and are now making the new PDF available for certificate tracking subscribers.  The PDF download is currently available in the following sectors: Red Tractor Beef and Lamb, Crops and Sugar Beet, Dairy, Fresh Produce, Pigs. 

Head to, visit the supplier tracking pages and you will see the link to download the proof-of-check when viewing an individual supplier's current certification details.

Integrate your systems with assurance data via our upgraded API

Are you a large organisation that needs assurance information to hand within your internal systems? Xure's new 'REST API' makes it easier to integrate assurance data with your I.T., creating even more powerful cost reductions. API integration is available as an add-on for certificate tracking users (in the sectors detailed above) for only £240 per year.  

Comprehensive support for your technical team or third party supplier will be provided to get you up and running, so just contact us to find out more.

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