Red Tractor checking services migrated to the xure supply chain

CASI tracking has been delivering real-time Red Tractor assurance data to our customers for over ten years, but it was finally time for the old workhorse to retire and be upgraded to our xure supply chain platform. 

Great new features from xure

The move was carried out with no additional costs to our customers and provides a host of new features only available in xure:

  • Monitor certificates across multiple sectors – add additional sectors to track including Red Tractor Beef and Lamb, Crops, Dairy, Pigs, Fresh Produce
  • Monitor suppliers even when they change certification body – keeps administration down to a minimum
  • Improved tagging wizard – better review of proposed matches to your data, ability to tag in multiple sectors

Seamless migration

The team worked hard both in the meticulous planning and seamless execution to ensure the switchover went smoothly for our customers and xure subscribers are already seeing the benefits from the new platform.  

Proactively monitor your supply chain

Register for Xure Supply Chain Monitoring for all these business benefits:

  • Automatically monitor certification across 50,000 UK farms and businesses
  • Keep on top of supplier issues as they arise through real-time alerts
  • Reduce costs and business risks and prove your compliance
  • Just a simple and affordable subscription, starting at £120 a year

If you are interesting proactively monitoring your suppliers your suppliers, get in touch for more information

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