CASI provides belt and braces for monitoring supply chain assurance

This coming month sees the launch of a new feature for users of our CASI Email Status Tracking Service to assist with monitoring supply chains.  Our new Monthly Snapshot Report is being offered as an extra benefit as part of existing subscriptions and gives customers a new opportunity to take a monthly review of their suppliers. 

What is Status Tracking?

The CASI Email status tracking service is offered in partnership with scheme owners who host their scheme in CASI - such as Red Tractor Assurance (available for tracking beef and lamb, crops, dairy, pigs, poultry and produce) and LEAF Marque.  The service allows food and drink companies to tag their suppliers in the system and whenever the assurance status of a tagged supplier changes they are then sent an email alert about the status change.  

Subscribers can then take the necessary action to contact the supplier, de-list them or take the appropriate corrective action according to supplier policies and procedures.

What is on offer in the new report?

The new monthly report, which will be sent by email on the 1st of the month, allows subscribers to easily view tagged producers that may require attention alongside guidance and links to help identify what action subscribers might need to take.  The alert will list any tagged producers that fall into one of the following groups at the time the report is generated:

  • Suspended or Withdrawn
  • Transferred to a new certification body
  • Closed or Expired
  • Grace

Working in tandem with the daily alerts and our online tools, the new report offers a real belt and braces approach to monitoring supply chain assurance giving peace of mind to manufacturers and retailers alike.

Find out more

If you are interested in status tracking services for Red Tractor or LEAF Marque, please do contact us

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