random risk-based auditing for REFCOM

This month the everysite team were busy launching a new online audit system for REFCOM who carry out random risk-based audits of companies handling fluorinated (F) gases. REFCOM commissioned the project to make it as simple as possible for their clients to meet the legal requirements set by Defra.

Rachel Davidson, Director of Certification Schemes at REFCOM, had this to say following the launch:

"We are delighted with our new REFCOM online audit system – it has not only increased our compliance rates, but also our audit responses. Our team have benefited from significantly reduced administration and evaluation time. Further to this, our clients’ submission time has also considerably reduced making it quicker, easier and more cost effective for them to complete an audit with REFCOM."  

powered by desktop audit

Once project requirements were agreed, we set to work implementing our CASI Desktop Audit software to provide complete management of the auditing process.  The engine under the hood – the desktop audit workflow – is the workhorse that allows REFCOM to set the framework of how and when audits are completed. The workflow then automatically manages audit scheduling, completion, revision and certification.  This includes issuing notifications and reminders to scheme managers, reviewers and members at key points.

clear member benefits

CASI desktop audit gives REFCOM members the tools they need to show they meet scheme requirements with minimal interruption to their business. Once selected for audit, companies are invited by email to click through to a REFCOM branded portal and get started.  A clean layout and comprehensive guidance make completing the audit straight forward and each company has access to their own document repository for easy management of the key supporting documents they need to submit.

tools for administrators

Management of the audit process is carried out by REFCOM administrators through the CASI admin portal. Easy-to-use tools give instant access to a company’s responses and uploaded documents. Non-conformances can be raised against non-compliant answers and returned to members for revision, streamlining scheme administration and providing the explicit electronic record keeping required to meet statutory requirements.

linking systems   

In addition to managing F gas certification in CASI, it is important for REFCOM that systems can talk to each other and information is available where it’s needed.  As a result, implementing the CASI API to bring items of data into their internal database was a critical part of the project.  We worked with the REFCOM I.T. team to ensure key scheme data gathered during audit is imported back into their systems providing visibility across their business.

putting data to work

As part of the CASI software suite, REFCOM now have the ability to use CASI Data Designer with their scheme data.  CASI Data Designer was developed as a response to our many years’ experience providing reports to scheme managers and the difficulties they face keeping reports relevant and useful.   CASI Data Designer allows clients to build and adapt reports in response to changing data needs, delivering flexibility and maximising the power of scheme data. Key features include:

  • Defining data sets – choose just the data you need for your report
  • Charts and graphs – plot that data in the way that conveys the most meaning
  • Maps – visualise scheme data geographically
  • Publishing – regularly issue configured reports to key groups

random sampling

A key custom requirement of the REFCOM system was to implement their scheme rules regarding the random sampling of members as agreed with government agencies.  REFCOM must ensure that a certain number of each type of company is audited each year and this functionality has been incorporated as a custom step in the desktop audit scheduling workflow.  Companies are automatically selected each month according to the rules and REFCOM administrators are also able to manually add companies as required if necessary.  Custom automatic scheduling further reduces the administration overhead for REFCOM.

To find out more about desktop audit or other CASI services, please contact us.

about REFCOM F gas certification

REFCOM is the UK's market leading F gas certification scheme, operating since 2009. REFCOM helps companies make sure they comply with F gas regulations 2014.

A company must legally apply for an F gas certificate if they install, maintain or service stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and/or heat pump equipment containing or designed to contain F gas refrigerants.

F gas regulations are enforced by the Environment Agency (EA). REFCOM works closely with the EA to ensure better compliance and enforcement, and played a key role in the creation of the F gas company certification scheme in 2009 alongside Defra.

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