How we help auditors and certification bodies

Certification body operations management

Certification bodies need to manage large amounts of information about standards, sites to be audited, auditors and non conformances discovered during audit. 

Performance monitoring of clients, staff and the business are also essential to an efficient and effective operation. Our CASI solution is ideally suited to running the core operational management system for any standards based certification body that operates one or more standards.

We also operate a data feed service that allows others to upload information into your CASI CB management solution.  

Assurance scheme data integration

We help certification bodies integrate with Red Tractor, LEAF and other assurance schemes and standards that we manage. This helps minimise the administration time and effort of reporting audit inspection results to individual assurances schemes.

We have worked with PAI, SFQC, QWFC, NIFCC, NSF and SAI Global to assist with this important task.

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