Our People

Les O'Leary
Managing Director

Les has spent his career in the solid state electronics and information technology sectors with a special interest in systems design. A veteran of when an MSc, festivals and thought were free, Les enjoys working at everysite because 45 years after his first attempt at programming a computer, he does want to know if business too will always be NP-complete.

Sasha Rebmann
Creative Director

Sasha has been involved with everysite since its inception in 2002, and enjoys the freedom of working on anything from our strategic direction to tweaking high-performance code and making sure everything is coloured purple to bringing cutting-edge technology to the food and farming sector. Away from the computer he likes to get into the hills on his bike and still buys music on vinyl.

Amy O'Leary
Operations Director

Amy was involved in setting up everysite back in 2002.  Now officially responsible for company operations, she can be found turning her hand to everything from delivering large government projects to making the tea.   Amy enjoys working at everysite because of the value placed on the intelligence and creativity of all members of the team.   Outside of work she has two marvellously cheeky bairns to keep her busy and enjoys sewing when she gets time.

Jim Flynn
Business Development Director

Jim has been working in the food sector for over 20 years and specialises in food safety systems and HACCP. He likes to write fiction books and spend time with his grand kids in his time off and enjoys working at everysite because it's a great way to help the food sector improve its food safety systems.

Dr Christopher Wise
Business Development Director

Chris worked in crop production for almost 30 years and was a founding father of Assured Produce, the fore-runner to the Red Tractor scheme. After a spell in construction, he is enjoying his return to agriculture and working with everysite. In his spare time he can be found wrestling in his barn with two old Reliant sports cars or getting in a pickle in his equally ancient sailing dinghy!

Dr Christine Coker
Research Director

Christine has 45 years experience in electronics and information technology. She enjoys supporting her local rugby team and working with the enthusiastic and cheerful group of people at everysite who make systems that work and can be used by normal (non-Einstein level) people.

Arthur Burrows
Technical Manager

Arthur has been tinkering with computers for over half his lifetime, a profession in making them do his bidding was only natural! If he's not in the great outdoors or away exploring the world, he loves to make his own beer. Arthur takes great joy in seeing innovative systems become a reality at the hands of the talented everysite team.

Maïté Buns
Services Manager

Maïté spent her 20s working in the customer care industry for global companies before joining the friendly everysite team in their pursuit of better IT solutions. She is proud to work with fun, smart and badge-less people and enjoys learning something new every day. Away from the phone and her computer, she is a jewellery designer, a baker and a vintage sales rummager.

Frank O'Leary
Contracts Manager

Frank has been working at everysite for 9 years and specialises in operations, finance and utilities. He likes to play and watch sports, read up on science and politics, watch movies in his downtime, as well as touring the world's museums, galleries and national parks with his other half. He loves working at everysite because the focus centres on innovation and excellence, whilst not forgetting his fantastic and diverse colleagues, the forever-pleasant working environment, the everyday challenges, and the knowledge that what you do has a positive impact on society.

Afshan Jaffrey
Engineering Manager

Afshan has been working in the IT and software industry for over 5 years and specialises in Web Systems Development. She enjoys being a part of the everysite team because she gets to work with a talented group of people doing brilliant things and who are just as addicted to tea as she is.


Anil N Budda
Engineering Manager

Anil has been working in the software development sector for 8 years. His main expertise is in Web Application development. He likes to play cricket and travel during his spare time and says he really enjoys being a part of a busy team.