Key Clients and Schemes using CASI

Linking Environment and Farming

The LEAF Marque scheme certifies the environmental management policies of farmers worldwide, with the logo being found on produce sold in Waitrose and Marks & Spencers.

Red Tractor (Assured Food Standards)

The Red Tractor logo appears on fresh produce, meat and processed food in most UK supermarkets. Retail buyers and food manufacturers use our checking and tracking services to monitor the assurance status of over 78,000 farmers.

The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency utilises our inspection scheduling service to manage the annual inspection of the pollution control measures implemented by large pig and poultry producers across England and Wales.


AHDB Pork operates the eAML2 animal licensing system on behalf of the UK government which uses CASI technology to record and trace the movements of nine million animals annually.

Building Engineering Services Association

BESA are currently revising their health & safety audit utilising our desktop audit and document vault services to streamline the auditing and review process.


CIAPS is a combined certification and information management service for the construction sector, and aims to simplify the pre-qualification process by generating validated PAS91 company profiles from information already submitted during the assessment process.